Washington National Guard and the  COVID response
Oct 14, 2020
State Senator Steven Hobbs
Washington National Guard and the COVID response

Senator Steve Hobbs has been a member of the Washington State Senate since 2006. He serves as chair of the Transportation Committee and also serves on the Financial Institutions, Economic Development & Trade Committee as well as the Environment, Energy and Technology Committee.

In addition to representing the people of the 44th district, he is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Washington Army National Guard and proudly served in Kosovo and Iraq.

Based on strong input from his constituents, Senator Hobbs has adopted an expansive policy agenda which includes promoting local job creation through helping small businesses and improving our transportation infrastructure; promoting legislation that holds state government accountable for the dollars we spend; and working with the community to create new and innovative approaches to strengthening our education system. He is particularly focused on expanding programs in our high schools and colleges that will prepare our students for the growing demand in the high-tech industries both at home and globally.

Steve is a proud husband and father. He’s been married to his wife Pam since 1995 and together they are raising three boys: Gavin, Truman, and Winston. Truman and Winston are in public school, while Gavin recently enlisted in the Washington National Guard.