Our wonderful donors actually made 2020 a little happier through your kindness and continual generosity.   Thank you, Thank you for always being there, and ready to help our neighbors.   
I realize how blessed we are to live in this lovely community that really cares.  It is such a wonderfully mutual relationship that has been developed. 
Personally, I had never volunteered or even donated to the Food Bank.   The Rotary Club of Mill Creek established the Food Bank, along with Jackson High School.   The current location is the 3rd one, and hopefully, the forever place.   Seeing a need and trying to help, is a focus of Rotary International.  Being able to help people in our own neighborhoods is even more special to each of us.  
These Drives4Food would never have been successful without the drivers.  Over the 9 months (18 drives) there were 18 drivers.  Ten of them have been nearly every time.  Without them, this approach would not have worked.    Many thanks to them.  They are always excited to see how much they each collected, how full their cars were and the amazing amount of food and supplies that you donated.  Until the last month, we had also been extremely lucky with the weather, but got hit with a couple of downpours
The total collected for the year was   63,402 pounds including Dec 21 which was about 3800.  That was an amazing day.  The food bank was absolutely swamped starting on Dec 19 when the word went out that they had to turn people away.  Thanks to all of you, and for hundreds more, they were able to meet the needs of every single person who asked.   
It has been a blessing to be the coordinator and getting to know each of you, just a little.   Your emails are heartwarming.  Your enthusiasm is catching.   Personally, I was not surprised at the immediate enthusiastic response of "yes" when I requested one more drive for Dec 21. 
Thank you, also, for spreading the word with friends and neighbors.    There are more who contribute, such as Emerald Heights who usually has about 20 homes, Trillium Court, who although we have names for 3 or 4, your subdivision is like an Easter Egg hunt.   Those of us who have picked up there, know to keep looking.    Cherry Lane always comes together.   Ron & Jackie Ohlson, have distributed bags to different areas every single time.  I don't even have those emails... but that would mean about 380 other homes/families.    
The big question, I've already been asked twice today, is are you going to keep doing this?  YES.  when will you start again?   JAN 15th.  (the food bank is closed from Jan 1 - 10).
Until then, may you have a Happier New Year, and may the food bank not need us much longer, because there won’t be so many people needing them.  
Mary Kay Voss
Chair Drive4Food
Rotary Club of Mill Creek