Posted by Jeffrey Brennan on May 08, 2019

Student of the Month

At our May 8th meeting today, we recognized two students of the month for outstanding achievement in "Academic Excellence."

Cathleen Barron

Cathleen Barron is our May Student of the Month from  Archbishop Murphy High School, shown with Rotarian and Archbishop Murphy's principal, Alex Crane.  
Cathleen is inquisitive, compassionate and authentic. Cathleen has earned an impressive 4.0 Grade Point Average through 1st semester of her senior year. She has enrolled in demanding classes throughout her high school career, including five AP courses and eight honors courses. Due to her academic achievement, Cathleen has earned a position in the National Honor Society.

Cathleen is dedicated to her studies but is passionate about her community. She has been elected to AMHS ASB her senior year. Cathleen lead a group of her peers on Archbishop Murphy's Kairos retreat and was the rector for the fall Kairos retreat. She led her peers through small groups, relationship building and personal reflection.  

Cathleen plans to attend the University of Portland next fall and pursue studies in education with a specific focus on elementary schooling. Congratulations Cathleen!

Megan Black

Our Student of the Month from Henry M. Jackson High School is Megan Black, shown with Rotarian and Jackson's principal, Dave Peters.  


Megan Black is a senior at Jackson High School, and she is the top student of over 500 in the class of 2019.  Megan has challenged herself academically through her entire school experience.  As a freshman, she took both Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus to pave the way for higher level math.  Among the 13 Advanced Placement classes on her high school transcript, she is also taking Multivariable Calculus through the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.  Megan is a Presidential Scholar Semifinalist and has been a contributing member of Jackson's competitive varsity swim program and the theatre program.  Her busy, well-rounded schedule has only increased the impressiveness of her 4.0 GPA and perfect score on the ACT!

Megan was accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where she will be majoring in Economical Mathematics toward a career in policy development in education and international relations with East Asian Countries. Congratulations Megan!