David Stambaugh


David Stambaugh (right) with his sponsor Bill Hathaway.
David Stambaugh was welcomed into our club this past Wednesday.  David is no stranger to Rotary, including having served as a club president, assistant governor, and district governor.  David is retired and enjoys fly fishing and traveling.  He is a graduate of the Unviersity of Puget Sound, served in the U.S. Navy (including multiple tours in Vietnam), worked as a VP at SAFECO and was a management counsultant.  Introduce yourself to David to find out more!

Rance Barclay

Rance Barclay was also welcomed into our club this past Wednesday.

Rance is a graduate of Cascade High School and has lived in our area for over 40 years.  Rance is a private trust deed investor - be sure and ask Rance exactly what that means!  Rance has a long list of outside hobbies, including motorcycling, boating, jet skiing, and flying small airplanes. Rance is always looking for ways to give back to the community and will be a great addition to our club!