Posted by Jeffrey Brennan on Dec 06, 2018

Solange = Service

Our speaker this Wednesday was Solange Aguilar.  Solange talked about the many service projects she was involved in while a member of an Interact Club in El Salvador where she grew up.  And, it was while she was in Interact that she met several members of our club in 2012 and assisted us with delivering wheelchairs in in El Salvador as part of a Rotary global grant. Little did we know that our paths would cross again very soon.  Solange moved to Washington to go to Cascadia College; a move that was greatly helped by our club member Geoff Owen and his family who invited Solange to live with them while attending school. Fast forward - Solange has now graduated from both Cascadia College and the University of Washington.  While at both schools, she was very active in Rotaract clubs and in many service projects.  Today she works for the Benefits Hub  at Shoreline Community College providing assistance to help support students be successful, ranging from financial coaching and tax preparation to food and emergency housing.  Solange's goal is to gain a master's degree and to continue helping others - "Solange = Service" is an appropriate title.  Solange, we're very proud of you!