Check Presentation


On August 12th, Barb Athanas presented a $500 check to Michelle Munro, Board President of Summit Assistance Dogs.   Summit Assistance selects and trains dogs specifically for persons with mobility disabilities. The selection and training process can take up to two years for each dog, during which each learns to respond to 44 commands (it was noted by one of our members that his children only understood a few commands and frequently did not respond to them!).  Summit Assistance has purchased property on Whidbey Island and will be building a new facility with the hopes of raising its delivery capacity from its current 10 dogs annually to 50 dogs.  

Michelle Munro talking about the Summit Assistance Dogs program.
From left - Club President Becky Porter, Michelle Munro, Summit Assistance Dogs' client Myrna Kane, and Barb Athanas of our Community Service committee.
Hayden - a mobility service dog.