Posted by Jeffrey Brennan on Mar 12, 2020

Student of the Month

At this Wednesday's meeting, we recognized two incredible students of the month for leadership excellence.  
Kyla Burch (left) with Jackson High School principal Dave Peters and Justin Huttinger (right).
The theme for our Student of the Month for March is "Excellence in Leadership."  Both of our students this month were from Henry M. Jackson High School! 
Kyla Burch is a junior who attends Jackson High School half day and Sno-Isle Tech Skill Center the other half of the day studying in the medical assisting program.  Kyla was nominated by Sno-Isle Tech.  Kyla 
has been very involved in learning what it takes to be a great health care provider, but also takes the time to learn how to articulate for others to understand content, be approachable to her peers, and excel in the coursework.  She is the Winter Student of the Quarter for the Medical Assisting Program because of her ability to lead by example, be present, and go above and beyond what is asked of her in class. One of the “industry standards for professional level of expectation” for Sno-Isle TECH students is “I do more than is asked. The minimum is not enough.” Kyla has taken this to heart and is an exemplary leader for the school. She has a bright future.  Congratulations Kyla!
Nominated by Jackson High School, is Justin Huttinger.  Justin is a senior at Jackson High School.  He is current ASB president (with no previous experience in ASB) and has been significantly influential in the increase of our positive school climate.  He has led efforts to increase inclusivity at Jackson by consulting with students from a variety of demographic backgrounds and by keeping costs low for ASB events.  As a first-year goal-keeper on the JHS varsity boys soccer team, he was named captain and led the team to a school-record best 3rd in State season last year.  His welcoming, upbeat attitude is infectious, and our school is better for having him as a key leader. Justin is considering several soccer scholarships for college. Congratulations Justin!